Simple 6 Point Guideline For Grant Writing

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 4.00.09 PMTo simplify your grant writing, use this simple guideline to collect and prepare your information.  Foundations and organizations often have specific formats they desire, but if one has the essential information, it should be easy to complete the applications.

1) Who:

is in need of this project-program

is to benefit

is to do the work

is to help pay  — matching $ etc.

is to manage and report back (accountability)

is ultimately in charge of the project-program

2) What:

is the reason that this is so important?

is the location of the project-program?

is the short term and long range outcome for the society?

is the benefit that makes this so important?

is the priority that distinguishes this effort?

is plan B if this request is not granted?

3) Why:

is this a valuable idea?

is this necessary?

is this cost effective?

4) Where:

is this project-program’s location?

is the other money (or participants) coming from?

5) How:

will you do this project?

will you sustain the momentum?

will you measure the progress?

will you measure the effect on the individuals, the society?

6) When:

will you begin?

will you know when you are finished?

will you report (frequency etc.) ?

by Andy Bishop
Modified by the late Les Troyer
Special thanks to Dale Collie for connecting Non Board Board with this information!


Brian Lord

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