January 13-‘God’s Neighborhood’- Racial Reconciliation & Nonprofits


Anthony Pickett is a deacon for Franklin’s Missionary Baptist Church and an active leader of many nonprofits.

As a founding member of Christ Community Church in Franklin, Tennessee, Scott Roley served for over 20 years in various capacities including Senior Pastor, and Pastor of Community Life and Missional Living. Scott resigned his position as Senior Pastor in the summer of 2011 to pursue a full time call to reconciliation, care for the poor, orphan care, and relocating to touch the ones within his reach.

Based on his experiences in local mercy ministry, Roley authored God’s Neighborhood: A Hopeful Journey in Racial Reconciliation & Community Renewal which traces his personal call to racial reconciliation and community renewal. It shares the powerful narrative journey of a white pastor’s identification within an African-American community.


Brian Lord

I'm passionate about helping kids internationally, both directly, but also by equipping and encouraging others to do so. I've got a great wife and two little girls who always find cool ways to serve and love others.

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