How Often Should You Update Your Nonprofit’s Blog?

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If you ask five people the question, how often should I post my blog, you will undoubtedly get five different answers.

In this post, I don’t want to give you another answer, I want to give you a framework for figuring out how often your nonprofit should blog once and for all.

But first,  let’s look at the question “how often should I blog” a different way. In order to figure this out we need to what know the goal of your blog is.

Is it to attract new donors?

Is it to keep your audience up to date?

Is it to grow your email list?

Or all of the above?

First, you MUST know what you are trying to accomplish through your blog. The next step is asking two simple questions: Who am I trying to reach? And what can I realistically make time for?

Who am I trying to reach?

To answer this question we need revisit our goal. If your goal is reaching new donors, your posts may be more infrequent but longer and more in depth.

If your goal is keeping your audience up to date, the amount of news you have will determine your frequency.

If your goal is building your email list, should may spend a lot more energy on promoting your content to drive traffic that results in email subscribers.

Remember If you publish 100 blog posts and no one reads them, you have zero readers. If you publish one blog post and get 100 people to read it, you have 100 readers.

What can I realistically make time for?

No one has time to blog. In order to blog consistently, you must make time in your busy schedule. Consistency is more important than frequency because people want you to be predictable.

If you still aren’t sure, I’d suggest starting out blogging once a week and developing a routine for your blog posts. One thing that really helps me is batching my posts each month. For example I will write all four posts, one for each week, at the beginning of the month so I can schedule each one and be done with them. Then as each one is published, I can focus on promoting them.


Joel Widmer

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