December 9, Regina Harvey- (Money) YOU need to take care of YOU

reginaRegina Harvey, Executive Director of Dominion Financial will deliver her presentation. “YOU need to take care of YOU: Balancing the Financial Demands Between You, Your Family, and Your Nonprofit.”

Join in for a look at what the Bible has to say about this subject.  We will focus on ten scriptures that provide insight into establishing financial balance and honoring God with our finances. Regina delivered the presentation two years ago and it was so popular, we’ve asked her to speak again!

“We feel this is an incredibly important topic,” says NonBoardBoard president, Brian Lord.  “We’ve had nonprofits that have had to cease operations because they weren’t successful in providing for themselves and their families while simultaneously running a nonprofit.  If you ‘go out of business’ personally, your nonprofit will, too.”

Regina Harvey is with Dominion Financial Management, Inc., a Christian non-profit that teaches personal finance according to Biblical principles.

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Brian Lord

I'm passionate about helping kids internationally, both directly, but also by equipping and encouraging others to do so. I've got a great wife and two little girls who always find cool ways to serve and love others.

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