5 Things You May Not Know About Regina Harvey, The New NBB President

From Brian:
I am SO excited about Regina taking over as President of NonBoardBoard! She’s obviously very smart and talented, she has a heart of teaching and supporting nonprofit leaders, and everyone who knows her loves her (plus, free hugs!). Regina has been an NBB board member and our treasurer for two years. Along with Mitch Anderson, Bob Stout, Joel Widmer, Chris Yount, Leah Hayes and Wynn Lembright, we’ve got a great board.

I’ll still certainly be involved (mainly with ideas and in finding speakers) and attending just about every meeting, but Regina will be the president running the show. As a board, we started this process about 2 years ago, with a goal of me stepping down when NonBoardBoard turned seven. It’s hard to believe this fall will be seven years! As a nonprofit founder, you always hope you can reach a point where you find people better than yourself to take over, and between Regina and the rest of the very talented board, NBB couldn’t be in better hands.

IMG_3613 (2)In honor of her new role, here is a quick Q&A with Regina Harvey, NBB President:

1. What is your favorite meal?

My favorite food is a grilled, rare steak.  I grew up in the Midwest as young child.

2. What is your dream vacation?

My dream vacation is a trip to Maui, Hawaii.

3. What is your favorite music?

I love music, any kind of music… but I am Stevie Wonder’s greatest fan.

3. What was your first experience with NonBoardBoard?

My first experience with Non Board Board was being invited by Rob Harvey.  I felt like a fish out of water, but also felt comforted, encouraged and that I had found a safe place to seek the Lord for direction for our non-profit.

4. What should people know about NonBoardBoard?

Non Board Board is a safe place for learning all the things that others think we already know.  There is never any judgment, just support and encouragement as we seek to fulfill the purposes that God has for each one of us.  Non Board Board is the only place to be on the first Friday morning of every month, at 6:55 am.  

Working With Corporations Beyond Money- Jen Knickerbocker

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 8.02.10 AMWe’re excited to announce Jen Knickerbocker as NonBoardBoard’s speaker for June 10. Per Forbes, Jen Knickerbocker “has been instrumental in orchestrating more than $100 million in pro bono services for organizations”.  If there is anyone who knows how to help nonprofits work with businesses for pro bono services, it’s Jen.

Jen is a great role model as a successful business woman (Partner at Deloitte), wife & mom (even adopting!), triathlete (she destroys NonBoardBoard founder Brian Lord at every race), and community leader (on the board of the Brentwood Family YMCA and Crosspoint Church).

Here are several national articles by Jen or in which Jen is quoted in Forbes or Fortune:

Jen “has been instrumental in orchestrating more than $100 million in pro bono services for organizations”- Click here for more.

Women who do this are less likely to get ahead– Jen’s article on Fortune.com:

Forbes interviewed Jen on altruistic leadership

Forbes interviewed Jen on the skill to make you more credible

7:55AM to 9AM, 109 International Drive, Franklin, TN (Cool Springs, near Wild Ginger, Taste of India). Networking 20 minutes before and after. Brian Lord’s cell for last minute directions- 615-516-7643.  Remember to budget time for traffic.

What to wear? Anything from a suit to flip flops, it’s up to you!

Attachment-Based Leadership-Part II

Attachment Based Leadership Promo PicIn the previous blog, Attachment Leadership (Part 1), we introduced the 4 S’s of attachment and began to explore how these can be applicable to the workplace. The 4 S’s defined were:

  • Seen– not just seeing with the eyes, but perceiving another deeply and empathetically
  • Safe- avoiding actions and responses that would frighten or hurt the person we are in relationship with
  • Soothed– helping the other person to deal with difficult emotions and situations
  • Secure– helping the other person cultivate an internalized sense of well-being

This language may be very foreign in many business settings. These words may not be built into the company culture. However, there are practical ways to begin to “live out” these concepts and foster an attachment-based leadership culture. Here are a few tips for getting started:

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Attachment-Based Leadership-Part 1- Amy Alexander

Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 11.05.11 AMWhen you hear the word “attachment,” what comes to mind and what does it mean to you? Does your mind go to ideas related to having an infant? Perhaps you have visions of “baby-wearing,” “co-sleeping,” “breast-feeding on demand,” “responsiveness to crying” etc. Or, did you mind go toward relationships, recalling the Tom Cruise quote from Jerry Maguire, “You complete me.” This idea is one that suggests attachment means an inability to live without the other person –   “I cannot live without you. I would simply die if you weren’t in my life.”

You are not alone if you share the above first reactions upon hearing “attachment.” Read More

Should You Consider Arbitration?

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 5.31.52 PMIn a perfect world, executive directors and boards would always be on the same page, but serious differences can arise, and sometimes the best way to find reconciliation is through third-party mediation.  A breakdown in communication and trust can lead to feelings of desperation, frustration and helplessness. “Score-keeping” is not healthy in any relationship. At that point, or sooner, someone neutral needs to go in and help both sides focus on the future.

Through mediation, the board/board chair and an executive director can agree to set new rules, new clear expectations and discuss what they need from each other to be successful and ultimately set the terms for mutual benefit.  It’s partially a Personal Improvement Plan and partially strategic planning.  The goal is to strengthen the organization– it isn’t personal.

The most delicate relationship a CEO or Executive Director has is the one with his board.  The board is responsible for ensuring sustainability for the organization.  The challenging part is with each change in board leadership, there is a shift in how the organization runs.  The staff must adjust.  The part no one wants to talk about is this- if the personalities clash, the board is ultimately responsible for making the decisions.  This relationship has to be approached the same way you approach a boss in Corporate America.  The board is the boss……… it’s part of the ego-check.  It can be hard for staff to admit because we are in it everyday, but this is the current structure of nonprofit organizations.    Mediation may be the last option, but we must always remember it is an option.

– Beth Torres is the President/CEO of Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee, and former Junior Achievement VP and Reebok Marketing Manager.  She can be followed on twitter @_beth_torres

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