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Have you ever been in a position as a leader where you were expected to know everything, but didn’t?  If so, this is the place for you.

Non profit leaders, being human and what not, are often strong in one area (like caring for children in need), but weak in another (maybe social media, or anything to do with spreadsheets).  Sometimes your board members, staff, volunteers and others expect you to know everything, making it hard to admit what you don’t know and where you need help.  Non Board Board is designed to help fill in those gaps with the NBB monthly speaker series, blogs, and networking opportunities.



This isn’t true for every non profit, but quite often executive directors and other leaders aren’t comfortable going to their boards and saying they don’t know how to do something.  “But you’re the executive director- you should know everything!”  Non Board Board is meant to be like the board you wish you had.  NBB is a place where you get great insight, support, and expertise, all without judgement for not knowing everything in the first place.



I’m really tempted to go third person on this, but I won’t.  My name is Brian Lord. Back in 2009, the economy was tanking, and my day job income was basically cut in half.  I realized I’d come to think of my contribution to the non profit world was almost solely as a donor.  So if I didn’t have money, how could I help?  I wrote down five ideas of ways I could serve, showed them to friends, and the idea that came out on top was the Non Board Board.  I’d been approached by a few non profits to help out with ideas and expertise, so I decided to bring them all together to meet at once, with our first Non Board Board meeting in September of 2010.

Speaking of vulnerability, I’ll share my first big mistake.  Even though I’ve had a long history of working with non profits, I quickly realized that I’m not an expert on everything (duh!). We me speaking and leading every month, attendance dwindled, to say the least. However, if I do have a gift, it’s knowing who might be an expert.  So, I began to track down leaders in various fields, both from the corporate and non profit world, to speak to these non profit leaders every month.  That’s when we really started to see a difference in helping these non profit leaders become more successful.

I’ve always had a heart for helping kids through Christian international non profits, and all of the original NBBers fit that mold.  Most were start-ups only a few years old.  However, because the business content being presented was so good and applicable to a wide group of leaders, others outside of that type of non profit started coming to NBB.  We’ve assembled a great team of non profit leaders, advocates (those who show up just to add some expertise or connect with others), speakers and writers.



I had to go ‘third person’ once, but at least it was just in title above. The biggest thing I’ve learned through four years of Non Board Board is that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and we do so much better when we work together.  Lining up speakers and writers comes pretty naturally to me, having done it for nearly 20 years.  I’m currently Senior Vice President and Director of Sales at Premiere Speakers Bureau (one of the largest speakers bureaus in the world), booked at the William Morris Agency before that (the largest talent agency in the world), and got my start with my own company, Lord Management (the biggest management company in my dorm room).  I’ve been blessed to work with a ton of people who are experts, but who are also very cool people.

I’m a graduate of Young Leaders Council (a program that teaches you how to be a great board member), and won the President’s Award for Outstanding Community Service at DePauw University.

My wife Krista is a former Christian singer and World Vision artist with The Darins, and we had the pleasure of taking our two little girls to the Domican Republic on their first mission trip when they were just five and six years old.  For hobbies, I like to compete in triathlons, read history books, learn languages, and root for the Reds, Pacers and Colts/Titans.  I know it’s cheating to have two favorite teams in the same sport, but we’re supposed to admit our flaws here, right?

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