9 Simple Goal-Based Marketing Metrics To Keep Your Nonprofit On Track

nonprofit marketing goals

It’s difficult enough to keep up with your nonprofit’s marketing before even considering how to make sense of it all. But measuring the ROI of your online marketing is the only thing that’s going to save your time, money, and sanity in the long run.

By carefully measuring your marketing ROI, you can apply the Pareto (80/20) principle and determine which 20% of your marketing efforts are producing 80% of the results.

I’ve outlined a few examples of nonprofit marketing goals below and the metrics to measure each one. Use the sample goals as a reference to measure against what you’re currently tracking. It’s a quick and simple way to find holes you need to fill or see if you’re on the right track!

Nonprofit Marketing Metrics Examples

Attracting New Donors

  • New Email Subscribers – How many new subscribers have you gained?
  • TIP: For each new subscriber you receive, email them and ask them one question that would help you understand how to better involve them. This allows you to put them on the right email list and make sure they feel like part of the community. 
  • Event Attendance – How did new attendees hear about you?

Nonprofit Online Growth

  • Unique Website Visitor Sources – Where are your new visitors coming from?
  • TIP: You can find this in your Google analytics. Go to the acquisitions tab then channels to see an overview and look at all traffic to view specific referral sources. 
  • Social Media Channel Growth  – By what percentage are your social media channels growing each month?

Online Community Engagement

  • Social Media Engagement – Likes, retweets, @replies, shares, etc.
  • TIP: Most people make the mistake of putting way too much focus on this metric. It’s important to track, but it’s just ONE piece of the pie so I encourage you not to overthink it 🙂 
  • Email Open Rates – How many subscribers are opening the emails you send out?
  • TIP: If your list is rapidly growing, you can expect your open rates to drop a little, so don’t be alarmed. Open rates of 25 – 40% are pretty typical. 
  • Email Clickthrough Rates to your Website – If you’re including links back to your website for things such as blog posts or information about events, check to see if people are actually clicking on them. You can find this info in your email software (like Mailchimp) or through Google analytics. 
  • Website Returning Visitor Growth –  How many people are returning to your site each month? The number should be increasing with your unique visitor growth. 
  • Volunteer sign-ups through your website, social media and phone calls – What’s your best source of volunteers?

Which metrics have you found to be most important in your nonprofit?


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