June 2 -“The Leader’s Responsibility” with Maurice Painter

Leader’s_Responsibility_ Maurice_Painter,

As founding president, Maurice led CEO Fellowship to become chartered in Tennessee and to receive a 501 (c) (3) tax-exemption. His interest is in business leaders using the Bible as their primary reference and in praying for guidance and wisdom from the Holy Spirit. He personally attests to the value of this.

Maurice has returned several companies to profitability, including the concessionaire of Ringling Bros. Circus. He has negotiated mergers and acquisitions for Thomas Nelson Publishers, Ringling Bros., and other firms – both buying and selling. He has consulted the growth of clients in publishing, manufacturing, technologies, financial and legal services, and larger churches and non-profits – and others – in several states. He is a published author of articles in several industry magazines.

The Bible is the most important book in Maurice’s library and often used. He has taught Bible studies in churches and corporate offices for over 40 years and preached in many pulpits. The primary emphasis of his teaching is the development of faith in God’s willingness to use His power to bring His promises to reality for Jesus’ followers in the contexts of their lives.


June 2, 2017
NEW TIME! 6:55AM – 8:00AM
Networking until 8:30AM

109 International Drive, Franklin, TN
(Cool Springs, near Wild Ginger, Einstein’s Bagels).

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May 5 – Papa Joe Bradford, Founder of Elijah’s Heart & Inspiration for the Movie “Unconditional”

Born in a small country town west portrait_18843
of Nashville, Joe Bradford grew up
in great poverty along with his grandmother, mother and sister. He rarely heard from his father. As the years passed, Joe’s life became increasingly turbulent – experiencing the entrapment of poverty, nearly dying from snakebite, facing time in prison for computer hacking and fighting a deadly kidney disease, but it was from these very struggles that he grew a heart for the poor and oppressed.

In 2005, Papa Joe and his wife Denise founded Elijah’s Heart, a non-profit organization, whose mission is to show love and bring aid to underprivileged children and their families. Today, they are actively uniting with others throughout the country to raise awareness about desperate situations in our own nation and to inspire a great movement of love in action.

Papa Joe’s life is the inspiration behind the feature-length film, Unconditional (national release date: September 21, 2012.) Also serving as a co-producer, Joe was involved in the intricate process of adapting his life story for the big screen. Currently, he is traveling around the nation as an ambassador for the film and its purpose of love.

May  5, 2017
6:55AM – 8:00AM
Networking until 8:30AM

109 International Drive, Franklin, TN
(Cool Springs, near Wild Ginger, Einstein’s Bagels).

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April 7 – “How To Get Speaking Engagements” with Brian Lord

How_To_Get_Speaking_Engagements_ Brian_LordOver the past 22 years, Brian Lord has helped hundreds of speakers book speaking engagements, ranging from six figure contracts for presidents and prime ministers to love offerings at coffee houses. Brian started Lord Management in his college dorm room, moved on to William Morris Agency, and is now president of Premiere Speakers Bureau, one of the largest bureaus in the world.

Brian has been interviewed in the Wall Street Journal, on BBC Radio (UK), and was picked as one of Nashville’s 40 Under 40 (2015). He is the host of the new Beyond Speaking podcast. He enjoys competing in triathlons, MMA training, and coaching 9-10 year-olds in softball. Brian and his wife Krista enjoy raising their two daughters just outside of Nashville.

During “How to Get Speaking Engagements,” you’ll learn:

  • How to make an impact for your nonprofit by speaking
  • How to promote yourself as a speaker without spending money
  • How to promote yourself as a speaker with spending money
  • How to make yourself look like a legit speaker with your bio and speech topics
  • What to put in a speaking video
  • How to network and build your client base

This is valuable for people who 1) are trying to become professional speakers, 2) are trying to promote their nonprofit, or 3) just want to be prepared in case they want to become a speaker or the possibility presents itself.


April 7, 2017
6:55AM – 8:00AM
Networking until 8:30AM

109 International Drive, Franklin, TN
(Cool Springs, near Wild Ginger, Einstein’s Bagels).

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Feb 3- “Trust Based Fundraising” with Isaac Ezell

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 1.28.29 PMWith 9 combined years in sales and fundraising and 5 years of experience training fundraisers, Isaac believes that raising funds is about learning how to build trust that leads to long term partnerships with supporters.

Isaac began his career in philanthropy after working for 3 years in sales for a national medical service company. He was offered a position raising funds for a faith based organization that he deeply cared about, HOPE International. After spending 2 years as a major gift officer, Isaac was promoted to lead a team fundraisers spread geographically across the country. Isaac spent the next 5 years training and coaching as well as carrying a giving portfolio of his own. Isaac still serves at HOPE International as associate director, leading their fundraising team’s hiring, onboarding, and training efforts.

“Giving and receiving is good for the soul. The craft of encouraging generosity in others is one of the highest callings one can live out.”

Isaac believes in exchanging arm twisting for deep trust, and last-minute need-focused initiatives for long-term momentum-building campaigns.


February 3, 2017
NEW TIME! 6:55AM – 8:00AM
Networking until 8:30AM

109 International Drive, Franklin, TN
(Cool Springs, near Wild Ginger, Einstein’s Bagels).

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January 13-‘God’s Neighborhood’- Racial Reconciliation & Nonprofits


Anthony Pickett is a deacon for Franklin’s Missionary Baptist Church and an active leader of many nonprofits.

As a founding member of Christ Community Church in Franklin, Tennessee, Scott Roley served for over 20 years in various capacities including Senior Pastor, and Pastor of Community Life and Missional Living. Scott resigned his position as Senior Pastor in the summer of 2011 to pursue a full time call to reconciliation, care for the poor, orphan care, and relocating to touch the ones within his reach.

Based on his experiences in local mercy ministry, Roley authored God’s Neighborhood: A Hopeful Journey in Racial Reconciliation & Community Renewal which traces his personal call to racial reconciliation and community renewal. It shares the powerful narrative journey of a white pastor’s identification within an African-American community.

December 9, Regina Harvey- (Money) YOU need to take care of YOU

reginaRegina Harvey, Executive Director of Dominion Financial will deliver her presentation. “YOU need to take care of YOU: Balancing the Financial Demands Between You, Your Family, and Your Nonprofit.”

Join in for a look at what the Bible has to say about this subject.  We will focus on ten scriptures that provide insight into establishing financial balance and honoring God with our finances. Regina delivered the presentation two years ago and it was so popular, we’ve asked her to speak again!

“We feel this is an incredibly important topic,” says NonBoardBoard president, Brian Lord.  “We’ve had nonprofits that have had to cease operations because they weren’t successful in providing for themselves and their families while simultaneously running a nonprofit.  If you ‘go out of business’ personally, your nonprofit will, too.”

Regina Harvey is with Dominion Financial Management, Inc., a Christian non-profit that teaches personal finance according to Biblical principles.

Register online for free – CLICK HERE.

Mike Hamilton, Nov 18- “Where’s the Parsley? Going the Extra Mile in Major Gift Fundraising”

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-8-50-19-amMike Hamilton, The Executive Director of ShowHope, former AD of the University of Tennessee will be speaking on “Where’s The Parsley? Going the Extra Mile in Major Gift Fundraising”

About Mike Hamilton: 
Mike has extensive experience in major gift fundraising, both for the University of Tennessee, but for nonprofits like Show Hope and Blood:Water.  He also created the successful Leverage16 Conference, which attracted development directors from around the country.

Mike will share examples and practical tips on how you can approach and be more successful in major gift fundraising.  He’s also happy to answer questions as well.

Prior to joining the Show Hope team, Mike Hamilton served as the President of Engagement with Blood:Water Mission. A man of deep faith, Hamilton has extensive experience in leadership and development, serving 26 years in intercollegiate athletics at Clemson University, Wake Forest University and the University of Tennessee. He served at the University of Tennessee for nearly 20 years, eight as Athletic Director. Hamilton also served on the board for Show Hope and Blood:Water Mission, among other local, regional and national nonprofits. While in Knoxville, he chaired the Knoxville Chamber Partnership and the United Way. He was named National Fundraiser of the Year in college athletics in 1998, has been named by Business TN as a member of the “Power 100,” and has been awarded numerous honors for his work with youth and children, including being named on the UN Foundation’s 2014 list of 10 Fathers Creating a Better World for Girls and Women.

7:55AM to 9AM, 109 International Drive, Franklin, TN (Cool Springs, near Wild Ginger, Taste of India in the Premiere Centre building).
Networking 20 minutes before and after.  Remember to budget time for traffic.

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Working With Corporations Beyond Money- Jen Knickerbocker

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 8.02.10 AMWe’re excited to announce Jen Knickerbocker as NonBoardBoard’s speaker for June 10. Per Forbes, Jen Knickerbocker “has been instrumental in orchestrating more than $100 million in pro bono services for organizations”.  If there is anyone who knows how to help nonprofits work with businesses for pro bono services, it’s Jen.

Jen is a great role model as a successful business woman (Partner at Deloitte), wife & mom (even adopting!), triathlete (she destroys NonBoardBoard founder Brian Lord at every race), and community leader (on the board of the Brentwood Family YMCA and Crosspoint Church).

Here are several national articles by Jen or in which Jen is quoted in Forbes or Fortune:

Jen “has been instrumental in orchestrating more than $100 million in pro bono services for organizations”- Click here for more.

Women who do this are less likely to get ahead– Jen’s article on Fortune.com:

Forbes interviewed Jen on altruistic leadership

Forbes interviewed Jen on the skill to make you more credible

7:55AM to 9AM, 109 International Drive, Franklin, TN (Cool Springs, near Wild Ginger, Taste of India). Networking 20 minutes before and after. Brian Lord’s cell for last minute directions- 615-516-7643.  Remember to budget time for traffic.

What to wear? Anything from a suit to flip flops, it’s up to you!

Insights From The 2016 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report

It’s 2016 and our friends at the Nonprofit Marketing Guide have published the updated 2016 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report below. It’s packed with interesting insights into how nonprofits communicate.

Here are a few of the most interesting insights we found:

  • Social media came in second place for most important communication channel, ranking higher than email.
  • 72% of nonprofits expect their communications staff to stay the same, and only 20% expect their staff to grow.
  • The priorities of different nonprofit roles varied greatly, but everyone agreed on one thing: The communication channel that’s likely to produce the most conflict about its importance is the website.




build nonprofit momentum

6 Questions To Build Your Nonprofit’s Momentum

We ask ourselves questions almost every moment of the day. Every decision we make is an answer to a question. Every goal we set is fueled by questions.

The right questions move us closer while the wrong questions distract us.

I ask myself the following six questions at the beginning of the year to make sure I’m intentional about the direction I’m heading.

They’ve really helped me and my business so I wanted to share them with you. Set aside an hour to go through them and really figure out what you want to accomplish this year.

  1. What were my biggest successes in the past year?
  2. Why were these things successful? What did I do that worked that I can replicate?
  3. What mistakes did I make this past year and what can I learn from them?
  4. What will it take to make next year a success? In other words, write down what it will take for you to look back this same time next year and be happy with what you’ve accomplished.
  5. What projects and processes need to be put into place to make these goals happen?
  6. What mindset shifts do I need to change to make these goals happen? What do I need to approach or think about differently? What is holding me back?

Remember you don’t have to start from scratch; you can learn a lot from what you did during the last year. Build on what’s working and change what isn’t. Be brutally honest with yourself and share your answers with your team!

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